Create HTML Forms for your Website
using drag & drop!

Design individual forms for your homepage by drag & drop - without any programming knowledge! 

No matter if it's about newsletter registrations, individual brochure orders, requests for telephone appointments or bookings for your events: makes online forms a breeze!  

Create Forms for

Newsletter Builder

Generate new subscribers for your newsletter in a legally compliant manner


Participants register for your events with an HTML form

Contact Requests

With a contact form, website visitors can easily get in touch with you

Return calls

Prospective customers can easily
ask for a return call

Catalogue Orders

Customers can use a form to order exactly the brochures they need


Your customers can get more information about your offers via a form

Your Form. Your Style.


Every homepage is unique. That's why in you can design all your forms exactly so that they fit your website design perfectly. Backgrounds, colors, fonts, frames, distances and much more can be defined exactly with just a few mouse clicks.

Your forms can do all of that:

Flexible Input Fields offers you numerous fields for entering text, numbers, dates, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, urls and much more.


With checkboxes you collect information about the interests of your customers. With a grouping you make sure that at least one interest must be clicked.

Drop-Down Lists

Ideal for selecting individual interests from a list

Required Fields

Except for the mandatory e-mail address, all fields can optionally be declared as mandatory fields. If a field is not filled in, the user will be shown a corresponding message.

Automatic Forwarding

After each confirmed registration, new subscribers are automatically redirected to a website of your choice - and you will receive a legally binding receipt of the double opt-in via e-mail!

E-Mail Receipts

With an e-mail receipt you are immediately informed when a customer fills out a form or subscribes to your newsletter.

Simple Publish

You can copy and paste the HTML code of your forms into your website. Inline styles prevent a collision with the CSS of your CMS.

How the Double Opt-In works

Weitere E-Mails >

The double opt-in process in is very easy to configure and works fully automatically:

After registration through a form, the system sends an activation e-mail with a confirmation link. As soon as the registration is confirmed by clicking on the link, the double opt-in is activated.

Afterwards the system can send a welcome mail and a series of further messages in freely definable intervals and times determined by you, e.g. on Tuesday after 5 days at 11:30.

Options for Double Opt-In

Double Opt-In

If the checkbox for agreeing to receive the newsletter is declared as a mandatory field, a double opt-in process is always started when the form is submitted.

Optional Double Opt-In

With the optional Double Opt-In, users can choose whether or not to receive your newsletter. The Double Opt-In process will only be started if they agree.

Single Opt-In

If you don't want to offer a subscription to the newsletter, you can leave out the corresponding option. This is intended for all cases where approval has already been granted, e.g. for registrations for events.

Publish your Forms
to your Website


Via HTML code you simply insert your form at the appropriate place in your homepage. This works with WordPress, Elementor, Typo3 and most other content management systems. Inline styles prevent a collision with the CSS of your CMS.

Direct Linking

In addition to the code, also provides you with a hyperlink that you can use directly. For example, you can create a registration page for your next event and link it directly in the newsletter or via Facebook.

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